29.06.24 Rhythm Machine Meetz Groundzero Teknocamp # 19 - UK Ladies Only

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29.06.24 Rhythm Machine Meetz Groundzero Teknocamp # 19 - UK Ladies Only

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>>>>>>>>>> AlienMe Aka MEL COOK *live* <<<<<<<<<<
AlienMe….a hefty chunk of Mel’s adult life has been focused on supporting the free party movement in uk and Europe in one way or another. ‘This element of my life always felt like the ‘alien’ me hence the anagram of my name ‘Melanie’… Balancing this alongside a professional life in mental health and addiction recovery and bringing up 3 children, Mel has taken a back seat from raving in more recent years to focus on learning to create her own beats using drum and semi-modular machines….

>>>>>>>>>> NLI <<<<<<<<<<
NLI is somewhat of an anomaly in the world of underground techno. Essentially born into music, she spent her formative and teenage years training to become a concert pianist in her native Sweden before moving to London to study at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. After graduating with honours in her early twenties, she pursued a PhD in art history and obtained her doctorate in 2022. NLI founded her music collective, Rare Frequencies, with the ambition to offer young and emerging artists a platform to showcase their work, skills and talent. While she has quickly gained recognition for her pioneering work together with collective, she is best known for her practice as an industrial techno DJ and music producer. NLI’s signature blend of acid, industrial, hardstyle and deconstructed music has rapidly gained critical recognition within the techno community in London, where she has performed across warehouse locations and venues including FH3 and Dalston Den in East London. As of April 2024, she hosts her own radio show at EXT Radio in Hackney Wick. Her multidisciplinary approach to music (DJ, producer, artist collective founder, event organiser) may well be derived from her wide-ranging education and years of academic discipline, but her fearless attitude towards her work as a techno artist stems from her relentless drive to challenge herself as a musician both in the studio and on stage. While her classically trained ear commands her ability to bring out its elegance and beauty, her understanding of the culture attached to techno is the driving force behind her desire to embody the dark atmosphere of underground warehouse raves with her sound. Unwavering in her commitment to excellence as a DJ and musician, NLI maintains a no-nonsense attitude in her work by making originality, impact and bringing fresh sounds to her listeners a priority. NLI has mainly cultivated her sonic identity through her dystopian interpretation of techno, but remains heavily influenced by industrial music. Not only does she showcase her industrial roots by layering abrasive frequencies and playing upon transgressive themes, but she also keeps it interesting for her listeners by incorporating unexpected sonic elements into her DJ sets such as acid tinged synths and deconstructed music. This gives NLI’s sound its signature dystopian edge. She also favours taking an intellectual approach to the curation of her DJ sets by selecting tracks that carry both musical and socio-political significance at present. Not only does this bring out the cultural significance of techno, but it also ensures an eclectic listening experience to her audiences and gives NLI’s sound its signature dystopian edge.

>>>>>>>>>> DIAL EMMA <<<<<<<<<<
Emma Postle otherwise known as Dial Emma is a bit of a punk.Growing upin a family of nightclub people she rebelled and enjoyed free illegalpartys and the free festival movement. Much inspired by sound systeculture. The likes of Spiral Tribe Exodus and The Mutiod Waste.. The DIY movement, road protest self sufficiency and all that stands against the system The urge to DJ first took over her in Oxford Circus at The Extinction rebellion in 2018 w hen it struck her to simply do it herself. Making some lifelong contacts during lockdown she went on to get bookings post lockdown with those connections . At the same timeshe became a residant DJ for Birminghams GND night giving her the
opportunity to play alongside some truly amazing artists. Dial Emma enjoys getting out and about visiting Groundzerotekno Camp where she played alongside Crystal Distortion and Jerome Hill sane and more.Inspired by Jerome Hill and Trevor Wilkes, Luke Sanger, Kim Cosmic Dial Emma has found her own musical journey and in the past 5 years has had bookings from Scotland to Mexico. Playing in Spain Germany Dial Emma bounces from techno back to guitar based and back.to beats again. Head honchco at Stoopid City and Fun in The Midlands alongside Durpsy Dial Emma is holding raves! Look out for future events on thesocials and get involved.

>>>>>>>>>> AIMZ <<<<<<<<<<
UK women in techno, Aimee Stanley Blake.
Surfacing from the UK underground rave scene of the early 90’s vinyl DJ Turntablist Aimz brings hardcore to the table, techno, wonk, wee woo, electro, bleeps, breaks and more. Instrumental within the realms of the free party scene, she plays an integral part in ensuring sound system culture continues to thrive within its own right, whilst also taking sound overground into the mainstream. Playing at varied events and parties both in the UK and Europe recently, alongside a kaleidoscope of techno legends, with the likes of Crystal Distortion. Jerome Hill. Tobias Schmidt. Captain Raveman. Trevor Wilkes. Sane, to name but a few.

>>>>>>>>>> MICHAELA FLYNN <<<<<<<<<<
Info's follow!

>>>>>>>>>> DJAIDED <<<<<<<<<<
Djaided is a DJ/Radio Host from the UK who's been mixing multiple genres for the past 20 years, currently focusing on underground electronic sounds on two radio shows 'Below Ground' on LeetRadio and 'The Existential' on Fnoob which have been running for a number of years.

Start: coming soon!
Stream-Link: coming soon!
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