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Exaltics Remixe | Objekt | Ultradyne | Gosub | Dopplereffekt

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SOM035: The Exaltics - The Truth Remixes

A1: The Exaltics-My Language (ERP Remix)
A2: The Exaltics-Compressed Thoughts (Ultradyne Remix)
B1: The Exaltics-IMOEH (Gosub - Turbidity Mix)
B2: The Exaltics-Journey To Jupiter (Objekt Remix)
B3: The Exaltics-Instinct (Dopplereffekt - Hubble Constant remodel

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SolarOneMusic (Jena, Thüringen) proudly present the follow up to The Exaltics retrospective "The Truth 2008 - 2013" (SOM032) released early this year and according to The Exaltics himself, this was the project of their life so far.Can you figure out the creme of the artists gathered together in remix duty, on an limited 12", to revisit five of The Exaltics best tracks taken from the compilation? Do we ever need to introduce again ERP, Gosub, Dopplereffekt, Objekt, and Ultradyne: these heavyweights and legendary artists have written some of the most important pages of the electro / techno History. On A side, E.R.P (Frustrated Funk, Hardfloor, Semantica Records) turns the opener "My Language" into an emotive electro rework where sweet drums combine to soft synth layers. Although remaining close to the original, the cut offers new depth and unsuspected musical perspectives. Ultradyne's (Pi Gao Movement, SCSI-AV, Warp Records) disturbing "Compressed Thoughts" coming next immerses the listeners into unsecured zones surrounded by experimental electro beats and distorted modulations straight from Detroit. Awesome! On the flipside, a SOM regular signature, Gosub (Transient Force, AFS, Isophlux, Abstract Forms, Citinite, KONDI), injects on "IMOEH" a serious dose of electrofunk vibes. His classy remix gives a breath of fresh air while "Journey To Jupiter" reworked by Objekt (Power Vacuum, Stitch Up, Leisure System, Pan) propels us in orbit after an epic trip though space. Merging electro beats to groovy lines and contemporary synths colors, Dopplereffekt (Dataphysix Engineering, Rephlex, International Deejay Gigolo Records, Leisure System) keeps the pressure: "Instinct" signs here a masterly conclusion to the EP. A dream comes true on SOM plus a collectible piece of slice that every fan of syncopated music will wish to own, "The Truth-Remix EP" is nothing sort of a shinning and deserved recognition of The Exaltics music from his peers!

releases 01 September 2015